Logs of Tuesday, 05-12-2017
























Mr. Goofy at the grave of Caroline s parents 40km south of Enschede(NL) 12 days before


LOGS OF TUESDAY, 05-12-2017 (Times in CET!) :

QTH: Saxonian Switzerland (Eastern Germany)

- RADIO COOL AM, 6735kcs, 15.55hrs, SINPO 2-3,433,2-3 (USB signal/ Pop oldy)

- MISTI RADIO, 6290kcs, 16.52hrs, SINPO 34333 (Pop oldy, then c/d)

- ZENDER INTERPOL, 1630kcs, 17.15hrs, SINPO 33333 ("Rock the boat", then c/d/Back at 17.34h)

- RADIO TWENTANA, 1630kcs, 17.18hrs, SINPO 3-4,3333 (Instr.mc, ID, report for Interpol)

- RADIO VRIJE VOGEL (?), 1647kcs, 18.00hrs, SINPO 34233 (German schlager mc, later any ID)

- UNID ON 1613kcs, 18.45hrs, SINPO 3233,3-2 (Polka music)

- RADIO OLIEBOLLENBAKKER, 1635kcs, 18.58hrs, SINPO 4-3,333,3-4 (Dutch music)

- UNID ON 1630kcs, 19.54hrs, SINPO 3234,3-2 (German schlager music)

- UNID ON 1625kcs, 20.24hrs, SINPO 4433,3-4 (German schlager music)