Logs of Thursday, 02-11-2017 at CZ
























Mr. Goofy and his friend at the church of Jagniatikow (Giant Mountains/Poland)


LOGS OF THURSDAY, 02-11-2017 (Times in CET!) :

- RADIO MERLIN INTERN., 6305kcs, 18.32hrs, SINPO 44434 (Rockn roll mc, ID)

- DOLFIJN RADIO, 1629kcs, 18.46hrs, SINPO 4-5,4444 (Polka music, ID, then c/d)

- DE FRIEESKE PIRAAT, 1647kcs, 18.49hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3 (Polka mc,ID, report for Dolfijn)

- DE FRIESE SLUISACHTER, 1620kcs, 18.52hrs, SINPO 4333,3-4 (Polka mc,ID, asking for reports)

- UNID ON 1624kcs, 19.03hrs, SINPO 3-4,434,3-4 (Instr. polka mc, then c/d)

- ZENDER SOFANIA, 1638kcs, 19.15hrs, SINPO 4-5,3444 (Polka mc,Id, report for Dolfijn)

- UNID ON 1634kcs, 19.32hrs, SINPO 34333 (RNI song, then also instrumental music)

- RADIO BAANBREKER, 1620kcs, 19.35hrs, SINPO 43333 (ID, report for De Frieske Piraat)

- UNID ON 1665kcs, 19.42hrs, SINPO 5-4,444,4-5 (Nonstop polka music and pop oldies)

- ZENDER ADMIRAL, 1638kcs, 19.57hrs, SINPO 3-4,443,3-4 (Instrumental music, ID)

- DE ZWARTE BOER, 1611kcs, 20.01hrs, SINPO 4-5,3444 (ID, then polka music)

- UNID ON 1628kcs, 20.11hrs, SINPO 33433 (Instrumental mc, report for Nachtzwerver)

- RADIO NACHTZWEVER (?), 1626kcs, 20.14hrs, SINPO 34333 (Country mc, report for Admiaral)

- UNID ON 1656kcs, 20.21hrs, SINPO 44434 (Rockn roll mc, later also schlager music)

- RADIO ADMIRAL, 1628kcs, 20.25hrs, SINPO 44333 (Instrumental mc,ID, report for Nachtzwerver)

- RADIO YOGI & EINSTEIN, 1630kcs, 20.45hrs, SINPO 44344 ("Going back to Arizona", Dutch mc)

- RADIO REBEL (?), 1639kcs, 20.57hrs, SINPO 34343 (Polka music, giving tel,-nr./22.27h:4343,4-3)

- LHH, 6205kcs, 21.13hrs, SINPO 44333 (Pop music)

- UNID ON 1633kcs, 22.34hrs, SINPO 33333 (Dutch polka music)

- UNID ON 1646kcs, 22.54hrs, SINPO 44434 (Schlager music and pop oldies)