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Mr. Goofy at Saxonian Switzerland (Eastern Germany) this afternoon


LOGS OF FRIDAY, 05-05-2017 (Times in CET! / QTH this time "Saxonian Switzerland" by

using just a small Grundig Yacht Boy 400 with 5mtrs longwire antenna)

- ROCK RADIO NETWORK, 6318kcs, 17.50hrs, SINPO 3434 (Nonstop rock pop music)

- UNID ON 6300kcs, 19.13hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5 (March music)

- RADIO CASANOVA, 6270kcs, 19.18hrs, SINPO 43444 (Later on 6260kcs with 44444/Mix mc)

- TELSTAR RADIO, 6295kcs, 19.21hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5 (Pop oldy)

- RADIO RONNIE AM, 6285kcs, 19.26hrs, SINPO 34233 (Pop oldy, ID, greetings)

- MISTI RADIO, 3900kcs, 19.56hrs, SINPO 34243 (Pop oldy)

- RADIO JOHNNY TOBACCO, 6325kcs, 20.07hrs, SINPO 5-4,444,4-5 (Country music)

- UNID ON 1611kcs, 20.12hrs, SINPO 3-2,424,3-2 (Country music)

- UNID ON 1660kcs, 20.25hrs, SINPO 33333 (Polka music)

- RADIO MORNINGSTAR, 1611kcs, 20.58hrs, SINPO 3-4,4333 (Country music)

- STUDIO 52, 6423kcs, 21.37hrs, SINPO 3-4,433,3-4 (Pop oldy)

- RADIO MUSTANG, 6267kcs, 21.42hrs, SINPO 5-4,444,4-5 (Pop music)

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