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Mr. Goofy and his friend are sleepy after a long evening of listening to free radio...


LOGS OF THURSDAY, 02-03-2017 (Times in CET!) :

- RADIO WILSKRACHT, 1655kcs, 20.25hrs, SINPO 3-4,334,3-4 (Dutch polka music)

- RADIO ELDORADO, 1620kcs, 20.32hrs, SINPO 4334,4-3 (Dutch music, ID)

- RADIO MARSKRAMER, 1625kcs, 20.50hrs, SINPO 433,4-3 (Polka mc, ID)

- ZENDER POEMA, 1620kcs, 21.07hrs, SINPO 43444 (Instr. polka mc, ID at 21.39hrs)

- ZENDER ALABAMA, 1621kcs, 21.43hrs, SIINPO 34343 (ID, report for Poema, c/d)

- ZENDER METEOOR, 1620kcs, 21.55hrs, SINPO 4-5,3444 (Instr. mc, ID, reports for Poema etc)

- RADIO NACHTZWERVER, 1656kcs, 21.58hrs, SINPO 44434 (Instr.pop music, ID. c/d)

  ( Back at 22.07hrs on 1656kcs, SINPO 44444 "House of the rising sun")

- MONTE CARLO RADIO, 1620kcs, 23.42hrs, SINPO 44344 (Instr. mc, ID, c/d)

- RADIO BLUEBIRD, 1638kcs, 23.55hrs, SINPO 44434 (Polka music)

- RADIO BARONES, 1645kcs, 00.10hrs, SINPO 5-4,544,5-4 (Instr.msuic, later pop oldies)

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