Logs of Friday, November 11th 2016






















Mr. Goofy at Lilienstein Rock (Saxonian Switzerland/Eastern Germany)


LOGS OF FRIDAY, November 11th 2016 (Times in CET!) :

- HITMIX RADIO, 6285kcs, 15.45hrs, SINPO 34343 (Pop oldy)

- RADIO ZWARTE PANTER, 6260kcs, 15.50hrs, SINPO 3-4,433,3-4 (Pop oldy)

- UNID ON 6320kcs, 15.53hrs, SINPO 4434,4-3 (Pop oldy)

- ODYNN RADIO, 6320kcs, 17.10hrs, SINPO 44444 (Pop oldy, ID)

- UNID ON 6220kcs, 17.14hrs, SINPO 34333 (Polka music)

- UNID ON 6235kcs, 17.18hrs, SINPO 33333 (Pop oldy)

- RADIO PIONEER, 6735kcs, 17.35hrs, SINPO 34233 (Pop oldy)

- RADIO STERREKIJKER, 1620kcs, 17.42hrs, SINPO 34343 (later better!/Dutch music)

- UNID ON 1630kcs, 18.03hrs, SINPO 33343 (Dutch music)

- RADIO TURFTREKKER, 1611kcs, 18.42hrs, SINPO 4-5,4444 (Dutch music)

- UNID ON 1637kcs, 19.15hrs, SINPO 3-4,434,3-4 (Dutch music)

- UNID ON 1656kcs, 19.21hrs, SINPO 34243 (Dutch music)

- STUDIO 52, 6385kcs, 20.10hrs, SINPO 34333 (Pop oldy)

- DE ZWARTE BISON, 1646kcs, 21.22hrs, SINPO 4-5,3444 (Dutch polka music, ID)

- PROFESSOR SICKBOK, 1640kcs, 22.15hrs, SINPO 43333 (Pop oldies, ID)

- UNID ON 1642kcs, 23.45hrs, SINPO 4343,3-4 (Oldy, reports)

- RADIO UNIEK, 1615kcs, 23.53hrs, SINPO 34343 (Polka music, ID,greetings)


QTH was at Saxonian Switzerland (Eastern Germany) by using only a small

Grundig Yacht Boy 400 with a 5mtrs longwire antenna inside here.

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    Senperfect (Mittwoch, 18 Januar 2017 16:37)

    Thank you for this very very useful post! I like it so much! food luck bro))

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    Logo Design Company (Dienstag, 14 November 2017 07:15)

    Mr. Goofy really enjoying these days so much, have a nice and adventurous journey.

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    PPC Services Karachi (Dienstag, 14 November 2017 07:21)

    I wish I had some time with this Goofy Pal...