Logs of Wednesday, 28-09-2016 at Hoyerswerda (Eastern Germany)






















Mr. Goofy at Partwitzer Lake near to Hoyerswerda this afternoon


We are just back from any 1,5 days trip to our weeekend house near to Hoyerswerda

( Lusatian Lake District at the Sorbian part of Eastern Germany).

Yesterday evening again we had been trying to receive any signals there by using

only a small Grundig Yacht Boy 400 and a 6m short antenna.

And here are the results:

LOGS OF WEDNESDAY, 28-09-2016 (Times in CET!) :

- HITMIX RADIO, 6295 kcs, 19.45hrs, SINPO 43434 (Pop oldies)

- RADIO BATAVIER, 6267kcs, 19.50hrs, SINPO 44434 (Instrumental polka music)

- UNID ON 1628kcs, 20.15hrs, SINPO 43444 (Polka music)

- RADIO ELDORADO, 1611kcs, 20.25hrs, SINPO 4-5,3444 (Polka music, ID)

- BLUEBIRD RADIO, 1638kcs, 20.33hrs, SINPO 4-5,3434 (Polka music, ID/23.13h:4-5,4444)

- RADIO MALIBU, 1645kcs, 20.45hrs, SINPO 34233 (Dutch polka music)

- RADIO SKYWIRE, 1631kcs, 21.12hrs, SINPO 4334,4-3 (Instrumental music, ID)

- UNID ON 1666kcs, 21.20hrs, SINPO 4344,4-3 (Instrumental music)

- UNID ON 1612kcs, 00.21hrs, SINPO 43444 (Dutch music, instr. polka, c/d at 00.33hrs)

- RADIO PANDORA, 1625kcs, 00.35hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5 (Instr.mc, ID and reports, c/d)

- RADIO SUPERMAN, 1629kcs, 00.47hrs, SINPO 33233 (ID, reports for Pandora/Bluebird)

- ZENDER MONACO, 1620kcs, 00.58hrs, SINPO 3-4,433,3-4 (Instr.polka mc, ID, reports)

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