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Mr. Goofy and his friend above the town of Usti nad Labem (Czechia)


LOGS OF MONDAY, 25-07-2016 (Times in CET!) :

- RADIO ZWARTE PANTER, 6255kcs, 22.30hrs, SINPO 44434 (Dutch music)

- RADIO MERLIN INTERN., 6305kcs, 22.33hrs, SINPO 4433,3-4 (Pop oldy)

- HITMIX RADIO, 6385kcs, 22.36hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5 (Polka music, then talks in English)

- MIKE RADIO, 6210kcs, 22.39hrs, SINPO 5-4,444,4-5 (Greetings, pop oldy "We got the power")

- RADIO AARDAPPELROOITER, 6285kcs, 22.45hrs, SINPO 3-4,433,3-4 (Dutch music)

- RADIO GROENTBORTJE (ATLANTIC), 1611kcs, (Polka music, then greetings and instr.mc)

- UNID ON 1640kcs, 23.12hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3 (Pop oldies)

- RADIO BATAVIER, 6262kcs, 23.16hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434 (Dutch music)

- RADIO JOHNNY TOBACCO, 6245kcs, 00.33hrs, SINPO 5-4,444,4-5 (Spanish oldy, greetings)

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