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Mr. Goofy at Partwitz Lake (Lusatian Lake District/Eastern Germany) yesterday again


LOGS OF SUNDAY, 10-07-2016 (Times in CET!) :

- RADIO BATAVIER, 6278kcs, 22.18hrs, SINPO 4-5,3444 (Pop oldy)

- ZENDER AKENZO, 6285kcs, 22.20hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5 (Dutch music)

- UNID ON 6305kcs, 22.23hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3 (Pop music)

- COAST FM, 6205kcs, 22.25hrs, SINPO 44434 (Pop music)

- RADIO JACK SPARROW (?), 1629kcs, 22.28hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434 (Dutch mc, then rock oldy)

- FREE RADIO VICTORIA, 6320kcs, 22.32hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5 (German schlager music)

- RADIO PANDA, 6260kcs, 22.38hrs, SINPO 34333 (Rock music, ID, pop oldy)

- RADIO UNDERGROUND, 6385kcs, 23.01hrs, SINPO 44444 (Instrumental pop music, greetings)

- RADIO MALIBU (?), 5890kcs, 23.05hrs, SINPO 4-5,4444 (Music by Abba)

- RADIO ABU DHABI, 6305kcs, 01.10hrs, SINPO 5544,5-4 (Country music, greetings)

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